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The Summer Lila Orange Mala is a yoga and meditation mala necklace made of 108 mala beads knotted on a fuchsia nylon string. It is hand-crafted with wood beads in orange. It has fluor fuchsia silk tassel.

The mala can be worn as a necklace or as a wrapped bracelet.

Lila is a Sanskrit term that has a range of translations and uses within Hinduism and yogic philosophy. Primarily, its meanings tend to derive from its rough translation as the noun, “play”; although, it is said that the word has more richness and depth than this simple translation. Lila accurately describes the notion within yogic philosophy that the whole world is the spontaneous creation of Brahman. It is sportive and playful, as opposed to self-conscious or volitional in intention. Lila emphasizes the fact that the world is born in freedom and playful creativity, rather than necessity. In this way, the whole world can be seen as a stage for this lila, or divine play.

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