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Serenity Mala

Mala beads or a Japamala is a string of beads used to count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions. They are considered one of the oldest forms of prayer beads in the world.

The YogaChic Malas were inspired by a trip through Bali. Each one of them is handcrafted, unique and combines the divine qualities of the rudraksha seeds with the healing properties of gemstones, the sustainability of the wood beads and the beauty of the crystal. They blend tradition and modernity and are meant to bring you energy and serenity.

Our malas are made of 108 beads, a sacred number in Hinduism and Buddhism.

You can use the Yogachic malas for meditation, to inspire your yoga practice or simply to remind you of an intention or a desire you want to manifest.

The Sand Lila Collection

Choosing your mala is a personal choice. Go with your gut, sometimes is love at first sight or sometimes you just choose a mala that best suits your intention.

Minerals and gems have been used for many different purposes throughout the ages. Gemstones have a long history of use in ornamentation and for their amazing spiritual and healing properties. Just a few examples:

– BLACK ONYX: To alleviate fears and worries choose

– SNOW QUARTZ: For serenity choose

– GREEN CHYSOPRASE: To heal a broken heart

– RED JASPER: For its energetic properties

– AMAZONITE: For self-discovery and finding your truth


Meditation 1 - 1

You can wear mala beads around your wrist, your neck, hang them at your puja altar, or meditate on them.

If you practice meditation, you can use your mala beads as a meditation aid. Hold your mala in your right hand, draped between your middle and index fingers and use your thumb to count the beads, pulling them towards you. You can recite a mantra with each bead you pass.

You can wear mala beads as necklaces, whether you meditate or not, just to make you feel good or as an inspiration to manifest something you desire. We like to wear them as a reminder of our love for the yoga practice. The gemstones our mala beads are made of have healing qualities of calming the mind and providing inner peace.



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